How It Works

Starting your journey will require thorough planning. CC Recruitment will guide you through a step by step process. Obtaining the relevant documents and finding the right school has never been this easy.

For teaching opportunities in China, send us an email to For teaching opportunities in Thailand, send us an email to or alternatively apply via our website. 

We will evaluate your suitability and contact you to discuss your options and to establish your needs. 

More information will follow after our discussion, with the relevant form to read, complete and sign. Your application will be presented to our partner schools for consideration.

You will be formally invited for an interview if your application is successful. We will also prepare you for the interview to follow.

A written offer of employment will be sent to us. The offer will be discussed with you and all questions will be answered. Once happy with the offer, same will be signed by yourself and submitted to the school. Don’t worry. We will assist you with the legalisation and authentication of your documents. Step by step. Week by week. You are in good hands. We promise. 🙂