About us

Established in 2018, CC Recruitment has successfully placed hundreds of teachers in China and we are proud to announce that we will be doing the same for those wishing to teach in Thailand. We pride ourselves in our customer service, and that most of our teachers came to us via word of mouth. 

Don’t take our word for it. See what others have to say.

Making Dreams Comes True

Hello everyone! My name is Cherise. I was born and raised in South Africa. I studied law and was successfully admitted as an Attorney in 2017.

After my admission, I decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle to follow my dream and live abroad. There I was, packing my bags and on my way to China! The original plan was to teach English for a year, but after my first month, I knew my journey would not end there.

Three years later – Thailand here I come! 😀 

CC Recruitment was born from my passion for teaching and the love I have developed for my students. I wanted to share this incredible experience and journey with everyone and the only way I could share it was by making sure that I help fellow South Africans get the opportunity to come teach abroad. 

Cherise Parsons

Founder & Managing Director

The best way to learn about yourself and enrich your life is through travel. It can be daunting, but it's well worth it. In this regard I would love to thank Cherise and the CC Recruitment team for helping me put my mind at ease and assisting me in taking those first brave steps towards the many new adventures and exciting experiences that teaching in China has to offer.

Thank you for answering all of my questions (no matter how silly some of them were) and ensuring that everything was in order for my big move. All of your hard work and dedication is highly appreciated.

Testimonial by Jamila Chilongo
I have never seen someone so committed to her work as Cherise is. The things she did just to help me, was unbelievable.

She has helped me throughout the whole journey, from finding me a teaching job in China to preparing all the documents I needed for the school and visa application. I'm not ashamed to say it's been an excellent journey working with Cherise.

Testimonial by Nonceba Duma
My partner and I were very satisfied with CC RECRUITMENT's service. They went beyond expectation in helping us find work at the same school, as it was very important for us to stick together in this new journey.

The process was so fast we could never dream of going through all these steps and being in China in just a months’ time. They handle all the dealing and negotiations on your behalf to make sure you get the best benefits.

We will definitely keep on using CC RECRUITMENT for our further travels and job searches in China.

Testimonial by Gunther & Jessica
Teaching in China, was and is one of the greatest and scariest choices I have made. It has been full of adventure!

I would definitely do it through Cherise again. From beginning to end she was there when I needed information. She answered every one of my questions, even if they were silly. And if she didn't have the answer she would get it for you. It was refreshing working through someone who is already teaching in China and someone who knows how the process goes. I would definitely recommend anybody to work with Cherise.

Testimonial by Daniell Bester
I am Danie van Rensburg, an aspiring teacher from South Africa. My experience with this agency has been nothing but pleasant. From the very beginning the information given to me was thorough and the help provided was done with a very kind spirit. Any changes and updates were provided to me as soon as they had knowledge about it. I would definitely recommend this agency for aspiring teachers.

Testimonial by Danie van Rensburg
Thanks to CC Recruitment I can now live out my passion for teaching and do it while I explore and travel around Asia. Thank you Cherise, for making everything so easy and comfortable. It would not have been easy if it was not for the continues help and guidance from your side.

Testimonial by Bryton du Plessis
Cherise immediately conquered me with her zeal to bring people good. I am very honored to cooperate with such a wonderful and positive person. She is hardworking and always thinks about how to get the best conditions for teachers.

I am happy that we agree with her on what a modern work agent should be: honest, decent, responsible. That is SHE! I appreciate the moment when I was lucky to get acquainted with her and look forward to our next cooperation in the nearest future.

Testimonial by Kateryna Zinovska, CEO at EL Culture & Media, Beijing